Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention

Qualitative research in health care. For Alimatou, a mother to a two year-old boy and expecting a second baby, support was provided by her son. This difficulty was noted particularly among those with limited social support networks, as they had no one to help at home or lend a hand in the absence of biological parents following migration: Family support The challenge that many migrants face in sites of settlement is the lack of extended family, social and cultural networks [ 614 ].

There was an associated sense of Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention and responsibility.

Theories and Approaches

At a national level, there is an inverse relationship between the age of menarche and the average life expectancy She lives in the other side of the city.

Support from friends Participants received mixed levels of support from friends, and the level of support largely depended on the type of friendship before the pregnancy. Becoming a young mother in a new country is therefore complex, and theoretical frameworks that can engage with the multiple axes through which early motherhood is shaped and experienced best support understanding and analysis of these experiences.

Francisca While there was a sense of purpose and maturity that came with motherhood, these mothers acknowledged the many difficulties they faced as young mothers. In accordance with this perception, the lack of support given to these mothers by members of their community was evident.

The lived experiences of Zimbawean women living in Melbourne.

A conceptual framework for early adolescence: a platform for research

Chelsea, a young Muslim woman, discusses her fear of abortion, the fate that awaits a woman if she dies due to an abortion, and the implications of abortion for the family: Early adolescence is one such transition. Thus, society, culture and the context within which motherhood occurs shapes and influences the motherhood experiences.

J Qual Health Res. Early marriages, adolescent and young pregnancies. Early motherhood was often marred by a sense of loss, particularly not being able to complete their school education and obtain a good job see also [ 12 ].

One arrived pregnant but was unaware of her pregnancy and one had both pregnancies overseas in transit country prior to arrival. Daniela Some women felt regret in relation to having a baby while still at school, particularly when they were unable to complete their school education which then led to difficulties in finding work.

It was evident that Chelsea had support from both her mother and sibling. Race, age, gender, migration experience, the family environment, socioeconomic status, educational background, and social networks prior to pregnancy contributed to a complex web of intersecting experiences that then shaped teen pregnancy and early motherhood see also [ 23 ].

For chronic disease mortality the rates are lower among adolescents approx. La Trobe University; Existing indicators for points of development are noted as are future areas of research priority. Unplanned but not unwanted?

In this study, young mothers highlighted the important supportive role of their own mothers in particular where availableyet many spoke of inadequate wider social support and disapproval of family and community members.

Below Alimatou shares her joys and sorrows of motherhood as a pregnant young mother: Veronica During the interview with Veronica, her friend was present and helped out with the baby.Pregnancy is not simply an undesirable disease to be avoided; pregnancy prevention is a health behavior in its own right.

Teenage pregnancy prevention framework

5,6,40 Our more recent understanding of contraceptive behavior is through its role in health promotion -maintenance and enhancement of physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

2 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Framework Over the last 18 years the under conception rate has fallen by almost 60% with all councils achieving reductions, but inequalities remain. Theoretical Framework Regarding Teenage Pregnancy Prevention every two minutes, a teenage girl in the United States gives birth (Guernsey 6).

While this fact. Theories and Approaches. In this section, users will find definitions and rationales behind common theories (i.e., social cognitive theory, stages of change theory) and approaches (i.e., male involvement, service learning, youth development) used in developing adolescent pregnancy prevention programs.

Sep 10,  · While there is a large body of literature that highlights the disadvantages of teenage pregnancy and early motherhood, intersectionality theory provides a broad framework via which the diverse contexts, experiences, drivers and outcomes of teen pregnancy and early motherhood can be considered: in this study the focus has been Sub-Saharan.

Second, the conceptual framework presented identifies a key set of outcomes for early adolescence: engagement in learning, emotional and physical safety, positive sense of self/self-efficacy, and life and decision-making skills.

Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention
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