Writing honors thesis

Macmillan, ; and Joseph M. How did you reach your answers? The thesis should show comprehensive awareness of what scholars or relevant experts are saying and have said about a subject. If a substantial literature has already appeared on the subject you address, you should explain and distinguish majority and minority views, and sketch the manner in which important relevant controversies have evolved.

For students defending in FallThesis Week will be held November Or, more specifically, Writing honors thesis are more likely to lead to success than others.

Having a strong relationship with your faculty adviser will likely enrich your research experience, provide invaluable mentorship and give you an excuse to pick the brain of talented and intelligent professors.

Questions 2 and 3 overlap, and can sometimes be answered together in a single statement. Students in the humanities, in particular, are encouraged to take the Honors Thesis Boot Camp course during the spring of the junior year to facilitate this process.

Thesis Proposal form Most students require two semesters to plan and complete an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis Students should generally begin thinking about an Honors Thesis in their third year of course work.

You should begin thinking about the Honors Thesis in the Junior year. To schedule the thesis defense, the student should contact Ms. The act of summary will force you to confront any gaps in your argument or evidence, thus pointing the way to areas that still need work.

In the world of research half your work is done to be thrown away. Later, when you circulate chapters to advisors or friends, you should always include this table of contents.

Intellectual curiosity Repeat after me: Sure, they can be exhausting, time-consuming and a bit daunting, but if you consider all of the above enough to make an informed decision, they can be exciting challenges.

Writing an Honors Thesis

Optimally, it may be possible to devise a summer reading list for thesis research, so that the project already has some momentum when senior year starts. All Honors Theses must be two semester projects.

Honors Thesis

Each petition must be accompanied by a letter of support from a faculty member who has agreed to direct the Honors Thesis. Make sure you can work with your director.

We do not count words, but most prose manuscripts should be between 60 and 70 pages in length; poetry manuscripts should include at least poems. Do you have the time and energy to put into such a project?

What answer or answers do you offer?The honors thesis must be work that has been rigorously workshopped in the past, and is in most cases a further revision of the manuscript worked on during Manuscript Workshop.

Creative Writing Senior Honors Thesis Proposal Process. By Thanksgiving Break, choose a thesis advisor (a member of the creative writing faculty). As a result, every year a few students come into the Honors office and inquire about doing the Honors thesis, but rarely, if ever, do students actually attempt it.

The main reason is because writing a thesis is a lot of extra work. Honors Thesis.

Should You Write an Honors Thesis?

Students interested in undertaking a research project involving significant primary research are encouraged to consider writing a senior Honors Thesis. You do not need to be a member of the Honors College, but the Honors College oversees and administers all Honors Theses.

An Honors Thesis is a substantial piece of independent research that an undergraduate carries out over two semesters. Students writing Honors Theses take PHIL H and H, in two different semesters.

Should You Write an Honors Thesis?

Writing an Honors Thesis Linguistics majors at the University of Colorado have the option of writing a Senior Honors Thesis. Writing a thesis is a great opportunity for undergraduates in the Department of Linguistics to work closely with a faculty member to develop a project in an area of research that is of special interest to them.

Capstone/Honors Thesis

Creative Writing Honors Thesis Proposal. Application Guidelines. Students interested in pursuing a senior thesis project in creative writing should create a proposal according to the guidelines below.

The Honors Thesis in Creative Writing

They must also show evidence of substantial and successful course work in the specific genre in which they wish to pursue a project (i.e. if the.

Writing honors thesis
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